Four Tips To Help Your Update An Old V8 And Give It New Life With Modern Parts

If you are doing a car restoration, you may want to save the old motor. This is especially true for old V8 engines that can be difficult to replace or find parts for. If you want to save an old V8 motor, you may also want to bring it up to date with modern parts and performance. Here are some tips to help you breathe new life into your old V8 with new modern parts:

Three Types Of Diesel Filters Your Truck Needs And Why

Diesel trucks need three different types of filters for three different purposes. On top of oil filters and air filters, your diesel engine needs a diesel fuel filter in order to continue functioning properly. (Your mechanic can check all of the filters during regularly scheduled maintenance checks, or you can perform the maintenance yourself.) The following three types of diesel filters, and why your truck needs them, should help you keep your truck going for a long time.

Advantages Of Buying Aftermarket Parts

When you need to purchase parts for your car, you have a choice of buying parts made by the actual manufacturer of your vehicle or purchasing aftermarket parts. While some auto owners believe that only brand name parts will perform correctly, many others have been very satisfied with using aftermarket parts on their vehicles instead. These are some of the advantages of purchasing aftermarket parts when your car needs repairs.

How To Clean And Inspect Your Car Battery

Cold winter mornings will soon be returning. One of the worst experiences on a very cold morning is getting in your car to go to work and not having enough power in your battery to start the car. Now is the time to inspect your battery and make sure it is still in good enough shape to handle the cold. Here is how to clean and inspect your battery. Cleaning Battery

Aftermarket Car Parts To Improve Your Fuel Economy

Is your vehicle not getting the recommended amount of miles per gallon? If you are struggling to maximize your vehicle's fuel economy then you may have considered having some aftermarket car parts installed. There is a variety of components that can help increase not only your fuel economy but your vehicle's overall performance. So, if you are seriously thinking about upgrading some components to help boost the amount of miles you get per gallon then you may want to consider components like: