Four Tips To Help Your Update An Old V8 And Give It New Life With Modern Parts

If you are doing a car restoration, you may want to save the old motor. This is especially true for old V8 engines that can be difficult to replace or find parts for. If you want to save an old V8 motor, you may also want to bring it up to date with modern parts and performance. Here are some tips to help you breathe new life into your old V8 with new modern parts:

1. Removing The Heads And Replacing Seals And Gaskets

When reviving your old V8, you will want to make sure that it has compression and is free from oil leaks. To do this, you will want to strip the engine down to the block, removing the intake and in heads from the motor. This will allow you to clean the inside of the motor and replace all the seals and gaskets, as well as replace motor parts that have any visible wear on them.

2. Replacing Old Distributor And Cables For Improved Timing

The distributor of your engine is what gives the firing order of different cylinders. If you want to update your V8, you can replace the distributor and all the wires. This can be done with an aftermarket distributor that allows you to adjust the timing to give your ride fine tuning and better performance.

3. Updating Your Old V8 With Modern High Performance Fuel Injection

Many old V8 engines have a carburetor, which can give your car performance. Fuel injection can also benefit your engine and allow you to control different aspects of fuel and air. It can also help give your car power, but still have the benefit of fuel economy when you need it. There are many benefits to adding high performance fuel injection systems to your car.

4. Improve Air Flow With Better Air Intake And Exhaust Systems

The air flow of your engine is also important for performance. You can start with improving the air intake. You can also add headers that improve exhaust flow from your engine. You may also want to invest in exhaust systems that do not restrict flow and allow your engine to produce the maximum power possible.

These are some tips to help you breathe new life into your old V8 with modern parts. If you need help with these repairs, contact a used car parts dealer to get everything you need to give your vehicle the performance it deserves.