What Do You Do With Your Used Car Batteries?

One of the accessories that goes to your car is the battery, and it won't last forever. A used car battery has a shelf life, and once the battery fails to charge anymore, you have to get rid of the unit. You can buy a replacement car battery at your local auto parts store or major department store that features an auto repair or servicing shop, and you can even get a replacement battery at your auto repair shop. You can buy a used battery, but in most cases, it's best to buy a new one and simply dispose of your old one when you get a replacement.

The thing you need to consider though is this: you cannot simply toss your used car battery into the garbage can to be taken to the local landfill. Battery acids that can leak from your used battery will cause erosion and harm the environment, so batteries are one of the things that cannot be taken to a local landfill, along with smaller batteries, paint, and things that go in some spray cans or containers.

You can do your part to keep your environment safe and clean by doing this: taking care of your used car batteries in a healthy way. So, how do you get rid of your used car batteries? Use this guide to help you learn what to do with them.

Take car batteries to the auto store

Your auto parts store will often take your older car battery for free or give you a discount on a newer car battery if you use their services to dispose of your old one. This is great for you since you can safely get rid of your older car battery while getting a new one at the same time.

Take car batteries to a local recycling plant

A recycling plant can be a great resource for getting rid of a used car battery. Recycling plants often take these batteries and dispose of them in healthy ways. You can get referred to this type of facility by your auto mechanic or the facility where you buy your new car battery from.

If your car battery is leaking fluids, failing to operate, or is bloated and corroded, call your auto repairs store right away. Your battery will need to be replaced, and you'll want to have a safe place to put your older battery once you buy a new one. Your auto parts specialist will assist you in getting a new battery for your car.