Unloading An Old Junk Vehicle And Getting Money In Return

If you have an old vehicle sitting on your property, and you no longer wish to see it or have it taking up space, you may want to find a way to unload it in a way where you will get a monetary return for the transaction. Here are a few ideas in how to get rid of a junk car in exchange for some spending cash.

Check Local Auto Salvage Yards

Give a call to local junk yards to find out their policy on vehicle transactions. Some salvage yards will pay for junk cars, making it an excellent way to rid your yard of the vehicle and gain some money in the process. If your vehicle does not run, some auto salvage yards will provide a towing service for a small fee or in some cases, at no charge. This is a convenient benefit in using this type of service if your vehicle is no longer mobile.

Call A Vehicle Donation Service

Make a few phone calls or check online for charities that accept junk cars as donations. They will take the junk car to the salvage yard themselves and keep the money they receive for scrap metal to use as a donation for their specific charity. Select a charity you have interest in and check that the proceeds collected will all be put into the system to benefit the cause. You will be given a charity tax form to send with your federal taxes indicating the amount of your donation in exchange for a deduction. While you are not obtaining money directly, giving the charity your vehicle will be beneficial come tax time.

Enroll In A Local Competition

If your vehicle still runs, consider entering it in a local demolition derby. Knock out the glass panes and paint it in festive colors. Consider giving your vehicle a name and paint it directly on the side or hood of the vehicle so others can cheer you on as you crash it into others in the competition. Compete in a demolition derby that offers cash prizes. You may be the big winner, and the vehicle will be hauled to a salvage yard when the competition is over.

Sell Locally As A Parts Vehicle

You always have the option in hosting a private sale to obtain money for your vehicle. Someone may want to buy it to use it for parts for a vehicle they already have in their possession. List the vehicle on local social media selling sites as there is no charge for this beneficial tool. Make sure to indicate the buyer will be responsible for the removal of the vehicle. Contact a salvage company, like U Pull & Pay, for more help.