Help Your Garage Door Keep The Cold Outside Where It Belongs

Get the most from your new garage door by taking steps to prevent heat and energy from sneaking out. Talk with garage door retailers, like J & R Garage Door Company Inc., regarding specialty insulation and model-specific ways to make your garage door tighter and to prevent drafts.

Keep heat in your garage with the following tips:

Become an informed buyer. If you opt for a garage door insulation kit, one kit usually will cover a door around eight-feet wide. If you want an alternative to these simple kits, consider buying polystyrene panels to fit your doors from a home improvement venue. Cut them to the right size and install along the interior rails of the door.  

Keep your garage door clean. Before you insulate or add stripping to your garage door, clean it thoroughly first. Dry fully before adding insulation batting to the door.

Invest in some batting. A batting kit is a simple way to amp-up the insulation around your garage door. Secure the pins that are included in these kits and then cut and trim the insulation batting to fit the door. Use remaining pins to keep the insulation batting in place securely.

Use weather stripping. Add a strip of weather stripping along the top jamb of the garage door. This will keep existing insulation in place, prevent banging when the door is closed, and give the garage door a fine, finished appearance.

Get rid of faulty or damaged seals. The weather can wreak havoc on the vinyl seal that is located around the bottom edge of your garage door. Ice, snow, and even the rays of the sun can cause this seal to become cracked or broken, which makes it less effective at preventing energy loss. Take out the old seal by sliding it out and replacing it with a new vinyl seal that will help to keep your heat inside.

Try it out during your insulation project. Make sure that the addition of your garage door insulation doesn't impact the spring tension, which is responsible for opening and closing the entry. After you are done adding insulation, try to open and then close the door only half-way; does it slide closed? This may warrant calling a garage door service professional to get it back in balance and to prevent any damage to the door or your garage door opener.

Insulating your garage is a proactive way to prevent energy from sneaking out of your garage, and a pragmatic way to put money back into your pocket.