Transmission Leaks: How To Diagnose Them And What You Should Do To Fix Them

For your car to start and run every day, a lot of things must happen, and one important step in the process involves the transmission in your vehicle. The transmission is the part that transports the power your engine makes to the wheels on your car. If it is not working properly, your car will not run like it should. A common problem with transmissions is leaks. If you suspect your car may have transmission problems, here are some tips to help you diagnose a transmission fluid leak and know what to do to get it fixed. 

How To Diagnose A Transmission Leak

For your transmission to work properly, it must have enough transmission fluid in it. When a transmission first starts acting up, one of the best things you can do is check the fluid. You may want to begin by looking underneath your car to see if there is any sign of a leak. You could tell them by examining your driveway or garage floor. Transmission fluid is usually red, but old fluid may be brownish.

A second thing to do is check the actual reservoir in your vehicle. You can do this by locating the reservoir in your engine. Once you do this, start your car and remove the cap from the tank. Next, remove the dipstick and examine the fluid. If the dipstick is dry, your car may be out of transmission fluid.  

What To Do If You Suspect Your Car Has A Leak

If you have a leak, there is a chance that the fluid may have drained out of the tank for no apparent reason. In this situation, you could simply add more fluid to the tank. In most cases, fixing a transmission fluid leak is not that simple though. There is usually a reason for the leak, and this is often caused by a loose part or faulty connection. There may also be a hole somewhere in the system.

If you believe your system has a leak, take your car to an auto repair shop. Getting a leak fixed soon may prevent damage to the parts of the transmission, and this could help you save a lot of money. If you do not fix the leak quickly, your entire transmission may need to be replaced or rebuilt, and this can be a costly, but necessary, repair.

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