How to Replace a Rusty Door on Your Car

Rust can deteriorate a car door until it starts to fall apart from the bottom up. Getting a brand-new door is costly, and it might not be worth buying one to use for an aging car. An alternative to purchasing a brand new door is to get an older one from an auto parts store that specializes in supplying used parts that are still in good shape. Speak with an employee to make sure you can get an exact replica (if you can't find the same color door, you can paint it). Here is how you can take off your old door and replace it with the one you found at a used auto parts store.

Removing Old Door

Open the door all the way and raise it up a little bit to take the pressure off of the hinge bolts connecting the door to the car frame. Hold the door up using either a stack of wood (2x4s work great) or with a small car jack. You'll be able to remove the bolts a lot easier once the pressure on the bolts has been eliminated.

If your car has powered windows and mirrors, you'll want to disconnect the wires running from the engine compartment to the door. The wires are typically covered by an accordion-like rubber tube. You can slide the rubber down along the wires until you reach the wire connectors. Separate the connectors before you start to remove the bolts holding the door to its hinges.

Remove the bolts on lower hinges first to prevent the top of the door from falling forward while you are working on it. Next, remove the bolts on the top hinges and take the door off.

Install New Door

Place the new door on the blocks of wood or car jack and ease the door hinges up against the car frame. Again, you don't want the door to sag, because the pressure will make it hard to bolt the hinges onto the car frame.

Bolt the top hinge in place first, but don't tighten the bolts down until you have placed the bottom hinge into position. Tighten all the bolts.

Reconnect the wire connectors in the rubber tube.

Take away the wood or car jack, and make sure the door opens and closes as it should. You also want to check your powered window and mirror to make sure they are working properly.

To get started on this project, contact a company like Hardys Auto Parts LLC.